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About E.C.H.O


E.C.H.O: A VR Artist

E.C.H.O is a kitbash VR artist with a focus on VRChat avatars & assets. They strive to create feature-rich VRCSDK3.0 content with tons of in-game customization options, games, and systems that make your time in VR easy & fun. Additionally, mute features and customization are a big priority as they strive to be as inclusive as they can be.

To date, they have released 10 avatars on their store. View below the showcase video for their latest, Freja:



Previous Work

E.C.H.O is constantly trying to improve and learn so that they can bring bigger and better avatars for the community. They have a big focus on customer satisfaction and will do their best to deliver great products and keep avatars up to date. Ask any previous customer in their server - there's been tons of updates improving upon every avatar currently up of sale.

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Variety of Avatars

They strives to create unique looking avatars anyone would love to wear.





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Tech Support

If any issue or bug comes up, they will try to solve the issue and fix the package as soon as they can. You will see more updates than usual, but it is simply to create a perfect product.

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QA And Testing

Avatars may come slowly, but this is because they undergo a lot of testing before release to make sure the final product is quality.

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Quality 3.0 Work

They goes above & beyond to include fun toys and tons of customization and innovations compared to the average avatar.