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Unity Commissions


Previous Work

E.C.H.O is constantly trying to improve and learn so that they can bring bigger and better avatars for the community & their commissions. Further, there is a big focus on customer satisfaction and will do their best to deliver great products and keep avatars up to date.

After all, ask any previous customer in their server - there's been tons of updates improving upon every avatar currently up of sale.

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Variety of Skills

They will streamline your avatar creation process by meeting each and every one of your needs.




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Tech Support

If any issue or bug comes up, they will try to solve the issue and fix the package as soon as they can. Additionally, fixes caused by E.C.H.O's fault are free of charge.


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QA And Testing

Products will undergo testing to ensure the delivery is as the customer requested. Additionally, any fixes are included for free.

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Quality 3.0 Work

E.C.H.O goes above & beyond to include fun toys and tons of customization and innovations compared to the average avatar.

Avatars Using E.C.H.O's Unity Work

Examples in Unity

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In general, each category is +$25

Basic 3.0 Setup


  • Visemes, Eye Look, etc.
  • Menus & Parameters

PhysBones & Avatar Dynamics

  • Both PhysBones & PhysBones colliders
  • Interactions such as headpats, boop, high-five, slaps, and more

Facial Expressions & Hand Gestures

  • 7-14 Facial Expressions
  • Optional ASL Hand Gesture Toggle


  • Simple or Dissolve
  • Material/Decal Swaps
  • Basic Radials (Hue, Opacity, etc.)


Custom 3.0 Addons


  • Custom rendered icons
  • Simple title customizations


  • Idle animations, such as a tail wag or ear twitch


  • Custom emissions
  • AudioLink Spectrum

VRAM Optimizations

  • Minimize VRAM Usage with existing textures
  • Create custom maps based on custom, secondary UVs (e.g. Minor Blender Work)

Lighting Toggles/Radials

Third-Party Addons

It is at my discretion if I support an addon. Listed here are addons I guarantee to support:

  • Franada's GoGo Locomotion
  • VRLabs Marker (Optionally Ambidextrous)
  • Quantum and JustSleightly's GPU Particles
  • KillFrenzy's Avatar Keyboard
  • Raliv's Dynamic Penetration System
  • JustSleightly's SleightlyBall
  • Dreadrith's Carbon Copy
  • E.C.H.O's Plushie System


However, you are required to own any paid assets used.

Minor Blender Work

In general, this is Blender work required to complete the Unity setup.

  • Expression Blendshapes
  • Secondary UV Maps for VRAM optimization or AudioLink
  • Minor weight paint tweaks or fixes
  • Adding one or two accessories, or ears & tails
  • Some proportion blendshapes







In addition, other minor tweaks not listed here may be available.

commercial pricing: +$150

$ 150-250
  • Basic 3.0
  • Custom 3.0 Addons
  • Third-Party Addon Installation
  • Minor Blender Work



Additionally, prices are negotiable per project. For example, commissions with a small amount of work will generally be discounted.